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Monday, November 5, 2012

Site Visit!

The anticipation is over!  I finally found out what my site is and got a chance to go visit for a few days last week. 

My site is La Concordia, in the department of Jinotega.  It is located about 4 hours (by bus) north of the capital and is surrounded by mountains.  The location is beautiful.  The town’s smaller than my town in Honduras, but I think I’m going to like the size because I’ll be better able to meet people and get to know the community.  It’s located 45 minutes away from 2 different major cities, so I’ll have to travel there to go to the bank and if I need to shop for anything other than the basics. 

During the site visit, I stayed with the family who I’m going to be living with when I arrive at the end of November.  The family was really friendly and really concerned with keeping me constantly entertained.  The 15-year-old daughter brought me around to see the town on the first day I was there.  I got a chance to introduce myself to the teachers at the main school and the one teacher at the small, rural, multi-grade school where I’m going to be teaching. (1 teacher for first through sixth grade!)  My counterparts (the principal and vice principal of the school) also brought me to the alcaldia (town hall), health center, and the delegación (board of education) to introduce me to everyone.  It was a little overwhelming meeting so many people, but they all seem excited to meet me.  La Concordia has had volunteers in the past, but they have all been from the health sector.  I’m going to be the first environment volunteer, so I’ll be the first one to work in the schools.

Overall, it was a great experience.  My living situation is going to be pretty great.  My host mom is a good cook, I’m going to have my own separate space away from the rest of the family, and did I mention they have wireless internet?!  After getting back from the visit, I’m feeling ready to be done with training and get started.  All of the other trainees in my group seem very happy with their sites as well.  We’re just starting week 9 of training out of 11.  Countdown to swearing-in: 18 days!

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